Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My favorite people!

I have been working in cafe's for nearly 8 years and one of my favorite aspects of working in a cafe is getting to know the regulars. It's nice to see people from day to day and get to know them little by little, learning their favorite drink or breakfast and getting it ready for them before they even ask, and to send them on their way with a smile. I look forward to the small talk and hearing their stories and local goings-on. I find out about all kinds of upcoming events and neighborhood incidents I would never hear about otherwise. It also helps develop a sense of belonging to the neighborhood. Not only do I see people at work but after only being at 13th St for six months I can rarely walk down the street with out bumping into a familiar face and I find that very comforting living in the city. It's nice to have people say hello and give you a smile just about anywhere, it definitely makes me smile and at least a few times has perked up my mood on a rough day.

So, Regulars, past, present, future, and, for that matter, all customers who take the time and energy to share a smile please know that you are appreciated. If you see one of the Capo13 crew on the street please feel free to show us your pearly whites and give us a wave because it feels nice and we'll be sure to do the same.

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