Friday, August 21, 2009

Ready for a Romp this Monday?

We started this Monday movie night at our Passyunk location a couple weeks back, and we think it's pretty rad. So rad in fact that we plan on bringing out all our favorite classic Italian films for a Monday night on the Ave. We kicked it off with the only film that made sense to kick off such a thing, La Dolce Vita, and followed it up last week with a Godard film Une Femme est Une Femme, because we were feeling Frenchish. In the pipeline for this Monday is something a bit more fun, Federico Fellini's Amarcord. Here's a little summary pulled from IMDb:
A year in the life of a small Italian coastal town in the nineteen-thirties, as is recalled by a director with a superstar's access to the resources of the Italian film industry and a piper's command over our imaginations. Federico Fellini's film combines the free form and make-believe splendor with the comic, bittersweet feeling for character and narrative we remember from some of his best films of the 1950s. The town in the film is based on Rimini, where Mr. Fellini grew up. Yet there is now something magical, larger-than-life about the town, its citizens and many of the things that happen to them.

Here's a clip of my favorite scene. Don't worry, we'll have the subtitles on this Monday for all you non-Italian speakers (myself included) so it will make sense!

So stop by on Mondays! I know you all have nothing better to do. Capoyunk is located on 1625 E Passyunk Ave. Screenings start at 7PM every Monday, AND there's free popcorn that's pretty darn tasty. Hope to see you!

Friday, August 14, 2009

The First Lady is Popular!

Michelle Obama and her uber polite chicklets stopped in for gelato. So exciting! I have been telling and re-telling the tale, so here it is....abbreviated.
  1. Night before, blocked off parking on the block
  2. Secret Service arrives next day during a busy Saturday afternoon.
  3. Pulls manager to side - "shhhh....close the store. Mrs. Obama and her daughters on their way.
  4. Manager..."Uhhhh.....ok"
  5. Secret Service (yes they had those swirling earthingies on) "Don't tell anyone."
  6. Manager...."Uhhhh....ok" (Fails to call me, but I let her live)
  7. Slowly escorting all customers after they finish their gelato out the door.
  8. Doors locked!
  9. Motorcade pulls up.
  10. The First Family minus the Leader of the Free World arrives.
  11. Tries lots of flavors. They know the drill. They know they can get two flavors with a small. They know EVERYTHING.....
  12. Mrs. First Lady gets Cioccolato Scuro (I know, good taste, right?) and Chocolate Banana (Even better. The underappreciated fruit gets props by the most powerful woman in the country. Sorry Hil.)
  13. The girls go for the caramel kill - Dulce de Leche and Fior di Latte. Yes, Fior di Latte = Sweet Milk Flavor (Amish Milk!!!)
  14. Mrs. Obama's Nutrition Initiative. She knows EVERYTHING!!!
  15. Manager managed to smile and be her adorable, smart self. Phew...
  16. The First Family sits at the blue martini chairs (kids love the chairs).
  17. The Secret Service sits at another table enjoying their gelato.
  18. Philly lines up at the windows and gawks. I wish I were there!
  19. Secret Service pays and leaves a huge tip!!!
  20. Tears, were shed. The First Family leaves.
Now, said manager was so awestruck that she neglected to get any pics. PU-LEASE!! PU-LEASE!! If any said gawkers got one...can we have it?

There you have it. First Family with their First Flavors.

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hi there blog-ville

So this is our first attempt at this whole blog thing. Please... be gentle.

We just want to keep you guys up to date with things like our seasonal flavors of gelati and sorbetti, happenings in and around our hoods (did you know that our Passyunk café has a classic Italian movie night?!... Did you know we have a Passyunk café???) Did you know that MICHELLE OBAMA was at our 13th Street shop last Saturday? DUDE! Seriously... it was crazy. We've got the security camera feed but, we don't want to post it on youtube. We took a vote and decided it would make us look like creepers.
So, we've started a little blog to keep all you guys in the local loop.
AND we'd like to hear from yooooou. Our adoring fans and even our not so adoring fans.

Whats up, buttercup?