Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hi there blog-ville

So this is our first attempt at this whole blog thing. Please... be gentle.

We just want to keep you guys up to date with things like our seasonal flavors of gelati and sorbetti, happenings in and around our hoods (did you know that our Passyunk café has a classic Italian movie night?!... Did you know we have a Passyunk café???) Did you know that MICHELLE OBAMA was at our 13th Street shop last Saturday? DUDE! Seriously... it was crazy. We've got the security camera feed but, we don't want to post it on youtube. We took a vote and decided it would make us look like creepers.
So, we've started a little blog to keep all you guys in the local loop.
AND we'd like to hear from yooooou. Our adoring fans and even our not so adoring fans.

Whats up, buttercup?

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