Thursday, September 30, 2010

Capo Cougars

This week at Capo 20th Street there have been an alarming number of sighting of the Rittenhouse Cougar. At first, many baristi were alarmed, but have since become quite comfortable around these savage beasts. In order to properly identify the Rittenhouse Cougar, there are some key attributes to watch out for. The Rittenhouse Cougar generally appears to be around 35 years old, but could be considerably older due to the fact that it works out and does a lot of yoga. The Rittenhouse Cougar does not generally wear a wedding band, but undoubtedly has a string of ex-husbands whose whereabouts are still unknown.

The Rittenhouse Cougar's drink of choice is usually a skim cappuccino, or a bottle of Pellegrino with a wedge of lime. The Cougar generally prefers sorbetto over gelato due to the fact that it's fat free, but is known to be a sucker for dark chocolate. The Rittenhouse Cougar is known to make baristi (and managers) blush uncontrollably for hours on end, and continue to be the subject of conversation even after leaving the premises. The Cougars are genally good tippers and will offer to buy you a drink if you happen to run into them outside of work. Then you will most likely blush some more. And forget how to talk. And leave in a hurry. Not that this in any way actually happened in real life. Especially not on Tuesday night.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Capogiro Trendhunting: "I'll Take A Mocha, Please!"

Like teenage girls (and some teenage boys) going through adolescent Bieber Fever, loyal customers at Capogiro too go through red-hot fads. During the sweltering heat and humidity of this past August, for example, people flocked to 13th street day-and-night demanding cups of Lemon sorbetto to cool themselves down--even one woman on a Tuesday morning at 9am, God bless her soul. However, the recent and welcomed fall-like weather that's been springing up lately has sparked a new trend at Capogiro: MOCHAS!

Yes, the Mocha index is exploding. In fact, I've been here for now for four Falls, and I could honestly say that I've never seen a demand this strong for the
chocolatey drink. As one woman explained to me this morning, "No one in the city makes Mochas like you all do. They're simply the best!" And I agree.

So whether you're a regular or you've never stopped by a Capogiro, I suggest trying one of our Mochas and seeing what all the hype's about. Unlike Beiber, I promise, they're actually good.

Photo by Alex Frigoletto

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Night Market!

One of my favorite things about being in Bangkok was the proliferation of night markets. Never in my life have I seen anything like them, and I don't expect to again - fruit I couldn't identify if you paid me to, everything smelling like charcoal grilling mystery meats that tasted better than any burger I've ever artist I fell in love with, noodles...just. The happiest places on earth. So when I found out that the Food Trust was organizing a series of night markets in Philadelphia, I could barely contain myself. And they're here!! Barring downpours, the first one will be on THURSDAY!!! So come see us. Food carts, restaurants, CAPOGIRO - Philly's pulling out all the stops and it'll be a great time. See you guys soon.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Have a hankering for some awesome cider?

Tomorrow night at Capogiro Gelato Artisans University City, we are lucky enough to host Mimi & Nick, the amazing couple behind Wandering Aengus Ciderworks. Being a family-owned (crazy couple) business, we love to have fellow lunatics around that share a similar philosophy.

Mimi and Nick are committed to the fine craft of cider making, using local farmers in Oregon. The pay attention to the particulars and create a delicious product.

Come and meet them and try their wares!

Tuesday, September 28th @ 8pm at Capogiro Penn (3925 Walnut Street).

Friday, September 24, 2010

"Why can't I read your mind?!"

As I wander around this fair city on a day like today I often get the feeling my thoughts are being read. I can handle the invasion of privacy but the pain that comes along with the brain scanning process is unacceptable. In a city with a population of over 1.54 million, and a world where about .04% of the populous are Psychic then aren't we bound to have our minds read?
I first became troubled with these thoughts while I was working early on a Tuesday Morning. I began to feel uneasy and my head started hurting, the inevitable was happening, I was being scanned. I noticed a disheveled man sitting in a bench outside the store rocking back and fourth and gritting his teeth. Suddenly several men in dark clothing and sunglasses
accosted the man and dragged him into a white van, as the vehicle sped off I began to feel comfortable again.
Powerful Psychics, Scanners, as some call them are known to exist in society today. Reliable sources such as personal webpages, poorly xeroxed leaflets, and internet blogs report their existence daily. Some Scanners are said to be so powerful that their Psychic arsenal contains such spells as complete mental domination and inflicting targets with a slightly more literal form
of EHS.
With the looming fear of someone discovering our secrets, or even forcing us to do their bidding what can we do to protect ourselves? I have run through my list of options and personally all I can come up with is to live each day to the fullest and fill myself with as many icy-creamies as I physically can.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

God bless internet radio

I LOVE the access of internet radio, but seriously, what's the deal with Pandora and Johnny Cash? Was there some secret merger, an alliance, a blood oath sworn centuries ago? How is it that no matter what station I choose, from Skinny Puppy to Ace of Base, Johnny Cash always manages to worm himself in there. Not that hearing all those great Cash tunes all the time is a bad thing, it's just a little freaky to her 'Ring of Fire' when I'm jamming out to J. Biebs, ya her'?! Anyhoo, here's a list of other jams that keep my toes tapping whilst scooping gelato:

Pressure Drop - Toots and the Maytals

London Calling - The Clash

Ball and Chain - Social Distortion

Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

Little Lion Man - Mumford & Sons

Conductor - We Were Promised Jetpacks

Any Way You Want It - Journey (had to!)

and finally, the best closing song ever...

The Weight - The Band

Thanks for listening!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


We've always grappled with the predicament of plastic packaging as well as the fossil fuels used to produce it. But not any longer. After several years of collaboration with Excellent Packaging & Supply, the leading green disposable producer, we've finally developed a solution that the earth can live with: the amazing biodegradable pint container.

Construction: Our pint containers are made from sugar cane or wheat fiber, after the juice has been extracted. (At one time this material was discarded.)

Process: The fiber is converted into a pulp and pressure-formed to its shape at 200 degrees (a temperature that sterilizes it at the same time). This production uses up to 30% less fossil fuel (than other paper products) and up to 70% polystyrene (food safe stuff required by FDA).

Qualities: Our new freezer safe Capogiro pint container is completely compostable and biodegradable, making it safe for the environment. Carbon neutral! Reduced CO2 emissions.
Because we can’t print directly onto the pints, we’ve wrapped them in a recyclable paper wrap that we have adorned with our logo, which we find lovely. We hope you do too.

An unexpected benefit of our conversion is the reduced cost of the biodegradable packaging materials—they are actually less expensive than their plastic equivalents—and so we are able to reduce the wholesale price of the pints.

At this time, we are proud to announce that Capogiro pints are being distributed locally by Philadelphia’s own Bassett’s Ice Cream, the oldest family owned ice cream company in the country. Outside this area, we put our confidence and our gelato in the hands of United Natural Foods Inc. (UNFI), a national natural foods distributor.

If you don’t see us at your local grocer, all you have to do to ask (and ask and ask!). Wherever you may live please make a nuisance of yourself! As they say in Boston "vote early and often!"

Monday, September 20, 2010

Today Is The Most Amazing Day At 13th Street

And here's why...

What the what?! Three of the coolest, most unique flavors I've seen in a long while. In fact, Nelson even came in on his day off to get a cup of the Sweet Basil gelato mixed with the Vodka and Cucumber sorbetto.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Super special and awesome!!!! Just for YOU!!

So guys...being from Delaware, I'd always known about the awesomeness that is Dogfish Head brewery. It was only when I came to Philly, however, that I realized they were awesome on a much bigger scale than I'd originally perceived. In celebration of the beautiful fall weather, we busted out a case of the freshly brewed Punkin Ale and are making some pretty amazing gelato with it. We'll have it in the stores tomorrow (Saturday!) and for a short time thereafter, but because of its seasonal (and highly demanded) nature, I wouldn't wait around to try it.

Super Noms.


Goth or scene?

This morning, someone dropped a note into our tip jar that looked like this:

Why was it dropped in there? Who knows. Are we scene or are we goth? Hmm... not really sure on that one. But it got me thinkin': what Capo things would a scene or a goth love to eat?


Goths would obviously be into scuro gelato, which reflects the profound darkness of their souls as well as their love for chocolatey deliciousness. Our H&H Bagels would also surely be a goth favorite, as their empty middle is a perfect symbol of the void that is our quotidian existence (unless it accidentally gets filled with our homemade veggie cream cheese). And who could forget the goths' love of cured ham? Surely a prosciutto panini would be on their order.


Scenes are always on the cutting edge, which leads me to believe they would love to be seen ordering one of our seasonal sobetti, perhaps something as chic as pear. For breakfast, a hot bowl of steel cut oats accessorized with some asymmetrically placed dried cherries and brown sugar sounds like an ideal scene meal. A perfectly prepared cappuccino, guaranteed to not scald your lip rings, is a delightful treat for all scenes to energize themselves before heading out to the freshest new rock concert.

The great thing is, no one has to be just a scene or a goth. Peoples of all cliques should stop in and enjoy all the wonderful things Capogiro has to offer!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sea Salt!?

A collection of mixed reactions to one of Capogiro's most popular flavors, compiled by the lovable Passyunk baristi:
- "Oh my gosh! I have to try that!"
- "Can it really be that salty!?"
- "Ew."
- ***Drops spoon in disgust***
- ***Drops spoon in amazement***
- "Ooo it's really salty!"
- "Like pretzels and ice cream!"
- "Mmwhooa..."
- "What does that even go with!?"
- "That's really weird"
- "Mm... Yes. Gimme a grande of that one!"

Love it? Hate it? Try it, at least!!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Day in the Life of 20th Street: A Photoblog

Katy makes a delicious Cappuccino for the nice Aussie businessmen.

Narwahls worry about being drawn on a bag of H & H Bagels.

Sarah noms on an affogato (and doesn't like having her picture taken).

Zach acts like a cheeky prat.

Watermelon Sorbetto smiles at you. He wishes you a happy day.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fantasy Flavors

Today, someone came in and asked for cracked pepper corn gelato, which we don't make. I told them this, and they seemed quite fine to pick from our 24 flavors, I think the person ended up getting Wildflower Honey and Sugar Plum, but it got me thinking: what would my ultimate Capogiro flavor be? Keep in mind, we've already got something like around 400 flavors, so chances are we already have your ideal flavor, but it's fun to come up with wild flavors anyway, so that's what me and a couple of 13th street's baristas did. Here's our list of wanna-be flavors...

Kristen would love to try a chocolate chip cookie dough gelato. And adds she'd probably pair it with sweet Amish milk, because, duh, why wouldn't you?

Alex thought of "loaded" potato skin gelato. "Loaded" meaning buried in cheese and bacon. And even as a vegetarian, my mouth is watering.

And I would kill to get a pint of a veggie burrito gelato with extra guacamole. I mean, we already make an avocado sorbetto, how much harder could it be.

Ok, ok, we admit our flavors are a bit silly, but we get recommendations for flavors all the time, and seeing as how the owner/head chef of Capogiro reads this blog on the daily, I thought giving you all the space to comment and leave your ideas in a place they're sure to get noticed would be cool. So, what are you waiting for? Leave a comment with YOUR fantasy flavor!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Tiramisu: The mystery that tickles my tongue.

Out of all the great wonders of the world ( Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Great Pyramid of Giza etc...) there is no greater, more delicious wonder than that of Tiramisu. Of course I don't mean the international music sensation, I'm talking about that insanely scrumptious Italian cake that mysteriously revealed itself sometime in 1982 or 83'.
Tiramisu is a layered cake made up of coffee soaked biscuits, mascarpone cheese and liquor (Is it possible to go wrong with coffee, cheese or booze??). The resulting cake is dusted with cocoa powder and is quite beautiful both in aesthetics and in palatableness. Many Italian confectioners argue over the desserts birthplace and creator, one might say that Tiramisu boasts origin stories more intriguing and fanciful than many of todays popular supermens. Despite all the heated debates every single human-being can agree that it's quite the cakey-goodness!
While Tiramisu may be a wildly popular dessert the task of consuming it can be quite the hurdle. Knife? Fork? What are these strange tools?! Have I been transported back to the middle ages? How on earth can I be expected to savor the cheesy goodness while I'm worrying about poking an eye out or biting into some silver prongs?! For years thoughts like this kept me up at night until I discovered Tiramisu Gelato. WHAT A COMBO! It's all the flavor of the cake SWIRLED into creamy awesome goodness! Heck you don't even need a spoon, you can just lick it from atop a fancy french cone!
When everything is said and done I feel that Tiramisu is just plain ol' awesome. Next time you take a bite just pretend you're in a detective novel, slowly unraveling the sweet and delicious mystery that is Tiramisu.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Vive la Revolution des Demitasse!!!

Demitasse spoons have a Napolean complex. Recently they have been growing more and more irate at the sneers and snickers they endure from the larger spoons in Utensilville. Last week, they finally came together and made a pact; the demitasse nation has had enough. Never again will they be subjected to ridicule due to their small stature. Never again will they watch as they are passed over for spoons of a larget size! Don't even get them started on their vendetta against the wooden coffee stirrers. The demitasse spoons have had enough. They have decided to wage a coup..

I came in this morning and all of the other spoons had been murdered. Their sad shiny bodies were strewn all over the floor, under tables, down the drain. It was a massacre. Although I missed the battle, there is no doubt as to whom was responsible for the melee. For there, lined up like little soldiers, air-drying from the sweat of battle on a nice clean paper towel, was the Revolutionary Army of the Demitasse Resistance. As I am prone to allying myself with the victorious side, from here on out all coffee drinks at 20th Street will be accompanied by a demitasse spoon. Don't think that they are up to the task of stirring your coffee? You can challenge them if you want, but I'd advise against it. They're small, but mighty. They'll bite your ankles.

Demitasse nation, I salute you! I pledge my allegiance to your tiny, spoony splendor!

Although, between you and me, I'd watch out for the forks...

13th street's Flavor of the Day!

Lemon sorbetto

Concord Grape sorbetto

On a cone!

If there's one flavor people get most excited about on warm days, it's Lemon sorbetto. And it just so happens that today is fairly warm day, wouldn't you say? So to build today's Flavor of the Day at 13th street, we started with the favorite. Then, we added Concord Grape sorbetto to add sweetness to the mix. And topped it off by putting it on a cone!

The PERFECT treat for a day like today.

Sometimes you feel like a...


Soooo... Here is a rhyme. For you. To read. You may recite it if you please.

There once was a batch of fine nuts.
Who asked to be sliced and not cut.

They were partial to toasting and tanning,
And to cooling by soft gentle fanning.

These almonds were true, pure, and splendid.
And with sweet milk they soon would be blended.

To create a gelato sooo tasty
That most folks just would be so hasty...

As to ask for a taste without doubt,
that their taste buds would just jump and shout:

"In Capogiro we shall always trust.
A scoop on a cone is a must!"

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Nectarine Love

While beind the counter at Capo, I often get asked:
"What's the best one?" or,
"Do you have a favorite?"
Usually these questions have no answer. It is that time of year though, when, at least from this barista's perspective, the answer is more than clear.

NECTARINE. sweet, delicious, nectarine.I think i just drooled a little bit.
Did you know that the nectarine is actually a type of peach? I don't really believe that either, since they're so obviously superior. Their skin isn't so tough and fuzzy, which makes them a little more delicate to handle, but luckily the trip from Lancaster Co. to Philly is a short and happy one- so that's not really a problem. Their growing season is a little later than peaches too, so you can catch them in their peak form (crisp, clean tasting sorbetto) into the end of this month.
My favorite ways to enjoy nectarine sorbetto are paired with either an herbal gelato, like mint stracciatella or rosemary honey goats milk, or a nice strong citrus, like lemon sorbetto. Ideally, on a cone, sitting on the bench outside of CapoYunk, feeling the warm sun on my face and smiling because it's still summer!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Horses don't know what they want.

*Idea shamelessly ripped off from YouTube phenom 'The Duck Song'.

A horse walked in to a gelateria
Said to the shaggy hipster barista,
"Hey, got any water ice?"

The barista looked shocked and said,
"No, silly horse. At Capo we sell gelato,
of course. Wanna try?"
The horse said, "Goodbye"

And he trotted away,
until the next sunny day.

A horse walked in to a gelateria
Once again asked the same patient barista,
"Hey, got any frogurt?"

The barista's brow narrowed and he said,
"Now see here. We only sell gelati and sorbetti
'round here. Why don't you give it a go?"
The horse said, "Um, no."

And he trotted away,
Until the next sunny day.

A horse walked in to a gelateria
Again to the same weary-eyed barista said,
"Hey, got any ice cream?"

The barista gave up and sighed very low,
"Ok, horse. I give up, let's go.
I'll take you down to the ice cream store,
and buy you whatever it is you long for."

So they walked together down to the bus stop,
Rode across town to the Olde Ice Cream Shoppe
Then the barista said to the horse, "Ok, so,
What flavor do you want? Let's get it and go."

The horse thought about it real hard for a while
And then he slowly started to smile. He said,
"Hey, I'll tell ya what I'm really dying to know,
Do you think this place has any... gelato?"