Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Capogiro Trendhunting: "I'll Take A Mocha, Please!"

Like teenage girls (and some teenage boys) going through adolescent Bieber Fever, loyal customers at Capogiro too go through red-hot fads. During the sweltering heat and humidity of this past August, for example, people flocked to 13th street day-and-night demanding cups of Lemon sorbetto to cool themselves down--even one woman on a Tuesday morning at 9am, God bless her soul. However, the recent and welcomed fall-like weather that's been springing up lately has sparked a new trend at Capogiro: MOCHAS!

Yes, the Mocha index is exploding. In fact, I've been here for now for four Falls, and I could honestly say that I've never seen a demand this strong for the
chocolatey drink. As one woman explained to me this morning, "No one in the city makes Mochas like you all do. They're simply the best!" And I agree.

So whether you're a regular or you've never stopped by a Capogiro, I suggest trying one of our Mochas and seeing what all the hype's about. Unlike Beiber, I promise, they're actually good.

Photo by Alex Frigoletto

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