Friday, September 17, 2010

Goth or scene?

This morning, someone dropped a note into our tip jar that looked like this:

Why was it dropped in there? Who knows. Are we scene or are we goth? Hmm... not really sure on that one. But it got me thinkin': what Capo things would a scene or a goth love to eat?


Goths would obviously be into scuro gelato, which reflects the profound darkness of their souls as well as their love for chocolatey deliciousness. Our H&H Bagels would also surely be a goth favorite, as their empty middle is a perfect symbol of the void that is our quotidian existence (unless it accidentally gets filled with our homemade veggie cream cheese). And who could forget the goths' love of cured ham? Surely a prosciutto panini would be on their order.


Scenes are always on the cutting edge, which leads me to believe they would love to be seen ordering one of our seasonal sobetti, perhaps something as chic as pear. For breakfast, a hot bowl of steel cut oats accessorized with some asymmetrically placed dried cherries and brown sugar sounds like an ideal scene meal. A perfectly prepared cappuccino, guaranteed to not scald your lip rings, is a delightful treat for all scenes to energize themselves before heading out to the freshest new rock concert.

The great thing is, no one has to be just a scene or a goth. Peoples of all cliques should stop in and enjoy all the wonderful things Capogiro has to offer!