Friday, September 10, 2010

Tiramisu: The mystery that tickles my tongue.

Out of all the great wonders of the world ( Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Great Pyramid of Giza etc...) there is no greater, more delicious wonder than that of Tiramisu. Of course I don't mean the international music sensation, I'm talking about that insanely scrumptious Italian cake that mysteriously revealed itself sometime in 1982 or 83'.
Tiramisu is a layered cake made up of coffee soaked biscuits, mascarpone cheese and liquor (Is it possible to go wrong with coffee, cheese or booze??). The resulting cake is dusted with cocoa powder and is quite beautiful both in aesthetics and in palatableness. Many Italian confectioners argue over the desserts birthplace and creator, one might say that Tiramisu boasts origin stories more intriguing and fanciful than many of todays popular supermens. Despite all the heated debates every single human-being can agree that it's quite the cakey-goodness!
While Tiramisu may be a wildly popular dessert the task of consuming it can be quite the hurdle. Knife? Fork? What are these strange tools?! Have I been transported back to the middle ages? How on earth can I be expected to savor the cheesy goodness while I'm worrying about poking an eye out or biting into some silver prongs?! For years thoughts like this kept me up at night until I discovered Tiramisu Gelato. WHAT A COMBO! It's all the flavor of the cake SWIRLED into creamy awesome goodness! Heck you don't even need a spoon, you can just lick it from atop a fancy french cone!
When everything is said and done I feel that Tiramisu is just plain ol' awesome. Next time you take a bite just pretend you're in a detective novel, slowly unraveling the sweet and delicious mystery that is Tiramisu.


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