Friday, September 24, 2010

"Why can't I read your mind?!"

As I wander around this fair city on a day like today I often get the feeling my thoughts are being read. I can handle the invasion of privacy but the pain that comes along with the brain scanning process is unacceptable. In a city with a population of over 1.54 million, and a world where about .04% of the populous are Psychic then aren't we bound to have our minds read?
I first became troubled with these thoughts while I was working early on a Tuesday Morning. I began to feel uneasy and my head started hurting, the inevitable was happening, I was being scanned. I noticed a disheveled man sitting in a bench outside the store rocking back and fourth and gritting his teeth. Suddenly several men in dark clothing and sunglasses
accosted the man and dragged him into a white van, as the vehicle sped off I began to feel comfortable again.
Powerful Psychics, Scanners, as some call them are known to exist in society today. Reliable sources such as personal webpages, poorly xeroxed leaflets, and internet blogs report their existence daily. Some Scanners are said to be so powerful that their Psychic arsenal contains such spells as complete mental domination and inflicting targets with a slightly more literal form
of EHS.
With the looming fear of someone discovering our secrets, or even forcing us to do their bidding what can we do to protect ourselves? I have run through my list of options and personally all I can come up with is to live each day to the fullest and fill myself with as many icy-creamies as I physically can.

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