Monday, September 13, 2010

Fantasy Flavors

Today, someone came in and asked for cracked pepper corn gelato, which we don't make. I told them this, and they seemed quite fine to pick from our 24 flavors, I think the person ended up getting Wildflower Honey and Sugar Plum, but it got me thinking: what would my ultimate Capogiro flavor be? Keep in mind, we've already got something like around 400 flavors, so chances are we already have your ideal flavor, but it's fun to come up with wild flavors anyway, so that's what me and a couple of 13th street's baristas did. Here's our list of wanna-be flavors...

Kristen would love to try a chocolate chip cookie dough gelato. And adds she'd probably pair it with sweet Amish milk, because, duh, why wouldn't you?

Alex thought of "loaded" potato skin gelato. "Loaded" meaning buried in cheese and bacon. And even as a vegetarian, my mouth is watering.

And I would kill to get a pint of a veggie burrito gelato with extra guacamole. I mean, we already make an avocado sorbetto, how much harder could it be.

Ok, ok, we admit our flavors are a bit silly, but we get recommendations for flavors all the time, and seeing as how the owner/head chef of Capogiro reads this blog on the daily, I thought giving you all the space to comment and leave your ideas in a place they're sure to get noticed would be cool. So, what are you waiting for? Leave a comment with YOUR fantasy flavor!


  1. Snazzberry. Or mac n cheese! With bacon.

  2. lemongrass! (or is that already a flav?)

  3. Chunks of ....stuff. You need more chunks. Big wedges of caramel and maybe a chocolate covered nut or dried cherry. Swirls of apples mixed with cinnamon. Please!

  4. cardamom please!!!!!