Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What’s big, green, sometimes sports stripes, and yields absolutely delicious pink sorbetto? I know you educated and logical folk are probably thinking "I know it! Green alpaca! Orrrrrr the Hulk!" Well, you're not entirely wrong, but you're not right either. Think patches, vines, sunshine, and rain.

Thinking.... thinking?

That's right smartypants. WATERMELONS!

The awesome urban empire that is Greensgrow Farm (http://www.greensgrow.org/farm/overview/) provides us with some of the cutest, cuddliest, sweetest, and most delicious watermelons you can imagine. If you actually use your imagination to picture that, you have my permission to leave out cute and cuddly.

Watermelons can't be enjoyed all year round you know (except in the form of Jollyranchers...). Like the best of all things that grow in the ground, they have a season, and we're in it right now. This week, this day, this hour, this dang second.

Watermelons magically turn into unbelievably refreshing sorbetto at Capogiro. Italian magic. It's the best. Come check the flavor out. Or check it out again. Or have your third sample of the day because it's just so irresistible. Keep your eyes and ears open for an appearance by yellow watermelon too ;)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Root Beer Floats!

Oh, that's right. Root beer dang floats. Everyone over here is pretty excited about 'em. As a matter of fact, I couldn't even turn my back on the sample I made for the photo without somebody swooping in and snatching it up. Gotta watch out for that Nico: there's a reason that she's referred to as the "Country Bobcat" in certain Ultimate Fighting Championship circles. She's fast and lethal.

So, yeah: $5 will get you a delicious root beer float made with your choice of Capogiro Gelato. Fior is an obvious choice, but I think that Dulce de Leche would be mighty fierce in one of these.

Now I've just got to figure out something nice and tasty, liquor-wise, to drop in there. Any suggestions?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Affogato, anyone?

We have a regular over here on Passyunk Avenue, most commonly referred to by the baristi as 'Affogato Guy'. He comes in a couple times a week, always gets the same thing, but is by no means boring. This week I though I'd ask him a few questions, and get to know the man behind the affogato...

Other than (once) tasting our 'absinthe and cantaloupe' flavor, Affogato Guy has never ordered anything besides a pistacchio affogato. The affogato, a scoop of gelato with a shot of espresso poured over top, is something that many people have never tried before coming to Caopgiro, and is guaranteed to spur at least one enthusiastic "What is that?!" from folks in line seeing it for the first time. It has been said that once you taste it, you're hooked.

Real name: Travis W
I found out that he works next door as a back server at Fond BYOB- he recommends the pâté.
We chatted about CapoYunk's relaxing decor (he likes it), demitasse spoons ("Too small, like a tease, although I've grown to enjoy it."), and camping.
I closed with a final question before he had to start his shift-
Me: "Would you ever be open to ordering any other flavors?"
Travis: "With espresso, pistacchio is number one."

What's your favorite affogato pairing??


This morning I embarked on a shopping mission; seeking out and procuring random things that become necessary in daily Capogiro life (a rack for glassware, a bus tray, etc). Hunting around the general shopping mecca of Ikea, I wandered into Pier 1 and was bombarded with FALL. Glittery, pumpkin scented, Halloween faced, Fall. I have to admit, I was taken back. And not because of the anticipation of the changing season (I'm pretty relieved if I make it to August without seeing a falling leaf decoration), but because of just how...abundant the display was. But then I got to thinking about it, and you know, I'm ready for it. Ready for the crispness, the apples, pumpkins, spices...generally the warmth that October brings. It's a cozy thing, this coming season, and I'm first in line to celebrate it.
One of the things I look forward to the most is cider. Not that you can't have it during the summer, but it's just not the same. And happily, we were contacted by Wandering Aengus Ciderworks, out of Salem, Oregon, about teaming up for an event at our Penn location. Yes, yes please. So they'll be hanging out with us during the last week of September, which will be pretty great.
Penn's got lots going on this Fall - from welcoming the newcomers (oh hai, Freshmen!) to the seasoned veterans who will be tromping the streets of West Philadelphia in a few short days, to the litany of awesome people who will be hanging out behind our bar - there will be no shortage of things to keep y'all entertained. Along with Wandering Aengus, we'll be spending some time with Sixpoint Craft Ales, of Brooklyn. They suggested we concoct a gelato from one of their beers, AND they'd hang out behind our bar. Yes, yes please!
Dogfish Head got in on the lineup, too - their slogan was enough to make me think it'd be a good fit ("Off-centered stuff for off-centered people") and y'all already know about the crazy good things that have resulted from combining our sorbetto with Philadelphia Distilling flavors. They'll be with us spreading the good word on October 8! Clear your calendars!

Booze + gelato + espresso + the shining faces of our baristi all over town sounds like a pretty promising combination to me, don't you think?!

Keep your eyes towards the Fall, kids...eyes towards the Fall.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back to school with BAGELS!!

Hola, everyone! It's quickly descending upon that lovely time of the year when the leaves begin to change colors, the nights get cooler, and kids return to school with chlorine-bleached hair and fading sunburns. I'm talking 'bout fall, y'all, when all parents suddenly breathe a sigh of relief that their wee ones will be in the (hopefully) capable hands of various institutions.

For most, fall is a time to get back to business and knuckle down. This requires a hearty breakfast and lots of strong coffee. Lucky for you, Capogiro is your one-stop shop for all things nom. This year we spared no expense and starting carrying the best of the best, H & H Bagels, of course. The most famous bagels in New York City, if not the world, H & H goodies are cultural icons, featured in several films and television series (The Office, Manhattan Murder Mystery, Sex and the City, You've Got Mail, etc.). They. Are. Delicious.

We've got tons o' flavors to boot! Plain, poppyseed, sesame, everything, wheat, cinnamon raisin, and even scrumptious bialys! All made fresh every morning and hand delivered by a lovely NYC driver. Bring them home or stay and grub with us at the cafe. Worth the trip. In case you're not as excited as we are, we will be offering a back-to-school special if you will, of a small coffee and toasted bagel with plain cream cheese for a mere $3.50. It's our way of showing you how glad we are that the summer is over and you can start trying to lose that soccer tan, gain some sanity, and get back to work. Hooray!

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Scoop Of Genuis

...now showing at 13th street!

While trying to create the "Flavor of the Day" this afternoon, Adrienne and I were quite taken aback when we put Absinthe with Cantaloupe sorbetto and Sugar Plum sorbetto on a cone. It's down right delicious! Truly, one of my favorite combos all week. Here. take a look...

Needless to say I'm sure you'd have the same reaction. So with that, Adrienne and I would like to invite you to a free sample of the mix. Just stop in a ask for the "Adrienne special" and we'll put a little sample of both on a single spoon, and you can see for yourself how magical the combo really is. Until then blogosphere...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ginger kids love gelato

There have been many misconceptions about ginger kids; that they have no hearts. that they hate fun, that they come from Atlantis, that they will consume your souls, blah, blah, blah. However, at Capo, we celebrate the diversity of all people, day walkers or not. Pictured here is my personal favorite ginger kid enjoying some lovely gelato. Her parents are super awesome (although oddly enough, not gingers themselves), and their three year-old daughter is one of our coolest customers. Here she is wondering where all of the scuro has gone, and probably plotting how she will smite the empty cup for it's treachery. Hey, you're cool with us, ginger nation. You are welcome in our joint any time, so come on down! Except you, Carrot Top. You're a weirdo. No gelato for you.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cioccolato Scuro Boggles the Mind

A few years back this couple would come into our 13th Street cafe with their 4 year old. He was adorable. Big round eyes ringed with black lashes that complimented his perfectly puckered pink lips. You could eat him. He would plaster his dimpled hands and forehead onto the glass of the gelato case and point ferociously in the direction of the chocolates while bouncing on his toes. One of his parents would then say, "A large Cioccolato Scuro for him and a small Blackberry and Watermelon for me and a small Pistacchio and Nocciola, thanks." When I first witnessed this, our lovely conista did not inform them that a large usually contains 4 flavors. Conista just went to business and scooped four scoops into a large cup and handed it to Mom. Our little cerub had already skipped down the cafe to the martini chairs and was sitting happily, twisting his legs back and forth while gripping the table and humming a little tune. I stood motionless, coffee becoming cold, as I watched Mom walk to her babe with his arms outstretched, awaiting to intercept the cup before it hit the table. Perhaps the large Scuro is for the table? The happy family sharing the rich dark and incredibly adult flavor. Nope. He immediately grasped the cup and spoon and dug in. I moved closer. He was shoveling in the scuro with gusto, as kids do, and chattering to his parents. His parents worked at their small cups, looking downward and nodding in agreement to the words of wonder coming from their scuro monster. I was mesmerized. The three were the picture of contentment.

Just then, our steadfast conista brushed behind me. I snapped out of it.
Me: "What the....does that tiny thing order a GRANDE of ONLY SCURO?!?!"
Conista: "Yup. They are in all the time."
Me: "Do they realize that he is eating more that 1/2 a pound of Scuro?!?! Just SCURO? It's so rich and dark and, and...adult? Just ONE flavor?" You see, we encourage mixing flavors. Gelato is incredibly dense and pairing flavors enhances the experience.
Conista: "We told them that the first time and maybe the second. They said that he is an incredibly picky eater and they were surprised and how he loved the bittersweet chocolate. It's healthy, so why not?"
Me: "Wow. That kid has great taste."

Kids love the Scuro. It is so dark and bittersweet that I am surprised when I see kids choosing that flavor. Sasha and Malia opted for Dulce de Leche! Our good friends have a Scuro Monster (Mister Gabe, who can nail a shot in the upper 90 from 20 yards out!) For his birthday, we arrived at their home with a 2.5 litre of Scuro. This is what arrived in my inbox recently, captioned "At Last! The Perfect Ending!"

I must say, kids are growing up fast these days. At least their palates are! I cannot imagine my parents sharing their precious dark chocolate. My dad would hoard Hersey Dark bars in his desk and would never share. Nope. When I see Gabe polishing off serious chocolate, I feel better about feeding my little guy sweetbreads and when he asked what they were, I simply responded, "Good aren't they? Taste like fried chicken." He was about 7 and he just pushed his hair back from his eyes and just nodded, eyes focused on the "chicken". Muhahahahaha!

Monday, August 16, 2010

New Things At Capogiro 13th Street!

Bissenger's Raspberry Gummy Pandas... These things are flying like, well...pandas?

Lime Cilantro sorbetto and Red Watermelon sorbetto... My FAVORITE end of summer flavors!

Oh, and samples are now FREE! (Just kidding, they're always free for you.)

Today's photos are by barita extraordinaire, Alex Frigoletto, who when not working behind the bar, is taking the most fantastic photos for her blog. (She recently came in as a finalist at a national photography competition, and will thus soon be a publish photog!) You can check out her blog HERE.

Friday, August 13, 2010

New and Exciting Things at the Yunk!

We get a lot of seasoned Capogiro patrons down here on Passyunk Ave, more than a few of them having been introduced to gelato while spending time in Italy. They seem to know our gelato inside and out, and for these customers especially we're proud to introduce something new, and something they definitely haven't had since that last trip to Rome.
I present you, most treasured foodies, with....gelato spaghetti:Do not adjust your dial. What you're seeing is a blackberry sorbetto 'meatball' nestled in two scoops of fior di latte gelato that has been pushed through a special press, topped off with mixed berry preserves and shaved white chocolate 'parmasean'.
Making its debut at CapoYunk this Saturday, gelato spaghetti is as customizable as anything else you're used to getting here. You choose two flavors- one for the spaghetti itself, and another flavor for the meatball. But that's not all! You get your choice of gravy too: red (berry preserves made with local strawberries, raspberries, currants and wineberries), or brown (house-made hot fudge). In addition to its awesome presentation, it may just be the best sundae you ever tasted. I know you're curious. Possibly a bit skeptical, but that's okay. Have we ever steered you wrong?
And hey, while I'm on the subject of mouth watering toppings, starting this Saturday we'll also begin offering those mixed berry preserves and hot fudge on any of our three sizes of cups! We know you've been asking for them. Panna is complimentary, as usual.

We'll see you this weekend!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hour, most happy.

For a great portion of my adult life, I was e'er averse to imbibing of alcohol whilst the sun still shone. Thankfully, through my befriending of a group of buddies more enlightened on the subject than myself, I have gradually but totally fallen in love with Happy Hour, those short gleaming hours of every day when the call of the alehouse is all the more clarion.

While West Philly has many excellent options for slaking one's post-workday thirst, Capogirio offers a Happy Hour to compete with the best of them. You'll find all of our beers and wines $1 less than their normal price. All of our scrumptious food items are half price with the purchase of any drink from the bar. Check our daily-updated chalkboard for amazing blended cocktails, booze and gelato-pairing affogati, and granita booze drinks, known affectionately by our staff as "dads". While you enjoy your hours of happiness, feel free to crunch on some of our complimentary popcorn, popped daily with a delicious combo of garlic, herbs and spices.

Tonight, you will find the excellent Sixpoint Sweet Action and Great Lakes' Eliot Ness amber ale on tap, along with a new addition to our stable of cans, Narragansett lager, a crisp and delicious beer to finish out the summer with. I personally recommend trying a Kardamon Katsmeow, a smooth blend of orange-cardamom sorbetto, white rum, and fresh orange juice that's enough to take the edge off of your harshest afternoon. C'mon in, Philadelphia! Bring your friends and taste just how great daylight drinking can be!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Capo Twinsies

Joe and Zach love wearing the same clothes. In the morning, Zach often calls Joe to see if he should wear the extreme v-neck from Urban (see photo) or the ironic retro punk shirt his older brother once gave him. Joe secretly thinks it's annoying that Zach tries to copy his style but he acts like a sport anyway.

Once Joe got a pair of sweet aviators in Amsterdam for only five euros. Zach was immediately envious and wanted to have the same ones. Joe told him that they were from some little street stall in Europe, so there was no way he could get the exact same pair. The next day, Joe's aviators were strangely broken in a tragic gardening accident. Zach still denies all involvelement.

So hey folks, if you want to see these Capo twins with your very own eyes, come down to 20th tomorrow. Make sure you point, stare, and laugh heartily.

Monday, August 9, 2010

What A Humid Day Calls For...

Vodka and Cucumber sorbetto

Apricot sorbetto

Humidity is a man's worst friend, or at least, a man's sticky clothed, poofy haired frenemy from high school. Either way, it's unbearable.

Heeding the call of the Never-really-cool-enough-wait-is-there-like-a-window-open-in-back?-No?-Ugh, Capogiro has choosen to help. And by God we mean Help with a capiltal "H!" Aside from our normally cool glourious flavors, we at 13th street today have these two ULTRA cooling flavors: Vodka and Cucumber, and Apricot sorbetti.

Perfect together, or apart, or with other flavors (Dulce De Leche, perhaps?) I prefer them mixed on a cone!

So stop complaining about the humidity and do something! We'll see you in a bit...

Friday, August 6, 2010

Vacation Time for Cats

Every August--much to the relief of their human keepers--cats from all over the world pack up and go on vacation . Here are some travel shots from some regular cat readers of this blog:

Rybka and Belochka take some time out from sightseeing in the Russian heat at their St Petersburg hostel

Pulgita explores Belize, hoping for a glimpse of the elusive jungle panther

Rascals McTabs bellies up to the bar in Portland, OR. Wonder what he'll order?

Our intrepid pal Dr. Stinky investigates the ruins of an ancient litterbox on his month-long trek across Egypt

Mrs. Rumbutters contemplates her next meal while spending a week at her cottage in Cagnes-sur-Mer

Thanks for all the great photos, everybody! Safe travels to all and see you soon.

Special notes:
Dear Mr. Crumbsocks of Bristol, UK: those photos are not publishable, and you know it. Shame on you!

Please, Sissy Miows: stop drunk-dialing us COLLECT from Acapulco every day at 3am! It is not cute.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

because Sarah hates limericks...

I present to you a few about our swell 20th St. baristi


We've got us a lady named Katy
She worries 'bout orphans in Haiti
Her scoops like a pro
Come by and you'll know
Her barista skills are so great-y

Joe is the coolest around
He rides his bike all over town
His frappe's divine
He really hates mimes
Because they're just weird hipster clowns

Dot comes from a family of ten
She drinks chai tea now and again
She's scared of hyenas
But loves the latinas
She's gives City Bands to hot men

Caitlin is hooked on the comics
She's also into plate tectonics
Her lattes are fierce
Your heart she will pierce
Unless you're about Reaganomics

There once was a laddie named Cole
You've never met a kinder soul
But if you get defiant
And start hatin' on science
He'll pour coffee right down your face hole

And lastly I'll tell you of Zach
He once messed up our wireless jack
He may run from the cops
If caught on bar hops
But serves pretty cones like a mack

Art, In The AM

If you happen to come into Capogiro 13th street before noon, you likely know Anya. While Anya is a dedicated stage manager at a local theater company, five days a week she's our morning barista who, with the same dedication, carefully--but quickly still, we know you're late for work--creates beautiful pieces of work, like the good-til-the-last-sip latte art she steamed atop one of our regular's cappuccino this morning. Beautiful!

If there's one thing everyone's morning needs, it's a bit of consistency. Consistent smiling, quick Anya. Consistent beautiful, delicous coffee. Consistent laughing, giddiness leaving our store.

See you tomorrow!