Wednesday, September 22, 2010


We've always grappled with the predicament of plastic packaging as well as the fossil fuels used to produce it. But not any longer. After several years of collaboration with Excellent Packaging & Supply, the leading green disposable producer, we've finally developed a solution that the earth can live with: the amazing biodegradable pint container.

Construction: Our pint containers are made from sugar cane or wheat fiber, after the juice has been extracted. (At one time this material was discarded.)

Process: The fiber is converted into a pulp and pressure-formed to its shape at 200 degrees (a temperature that sterilizes it at the same time). This production uses up to 30% less fossil fuel (than other paper products) and up to 70% polystyrene (food safe stuff required by FDA).

Qualities: Our new freezer safe Capogiro pint container is completely compostable and biodegradable, making it safe for the environment. Carbon neutral! Reduced CO2 emissions.
Because we can’t print directly onto the pints, we’ve wrapped them in a recyclable paper wrap that we have adorned with our logo, which we find lovely. We hope you do too.

An unexpected benefit of our conversion is the reduced cost of the biodegradable packaging materials—they are actually less expensive than their plastic equivalents—and so we are able to reduce the wholesale price of the pints.

At this time, we are proud to announce that Capogiro pints are being distributed locally by Philadelphia’s own Bassett’s Ice Cream, the oldest family owned ice cream company in the country. Outside this area, we put our confidence and our gelato in the hands of United Natural Foods Inc. (UNFI), a national natural foods distributor.

If you don’t see us at your local grocer, all you have to do to ask (and ask and ask!). Wherever you may live please make a nuisance of yourself! As they say in Boston "vote early and often!"

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