Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Winter, you are confused..

As we all know, it's completely gorgeous out. Folks are strewn across Rittenhouse park in t-shirts and light jackets. On the bus this morning, no one knew what to wear. Several people looked really confused as to why they were wearing winter coats, yet still refused to unzip them. This kind of totally-not-winter weather has everyone out in droves. I feel like taking a car ride with the windows down and blasting some John Mayer. Yup, it's that nice that I don't even care about your musical judging of that last statement. Capo20 has been full of happy sunny people all afternoon, and we're hoping the good vibes spill out into the evening. We still are acknowledging that it's officially February though, even if Mother Nature is not, so there are cute hearts in our gelato and it's officially HOT CHOCOLATE MONTH!! I would expand upon that, but I'm pretty sure Steph has a sweet graphic to share with you all, and I don't want to steal her thunder. In any case, you all must stop by to check out our new hot chocolate offerings (did someone say hot chocolate with orange zest? Sea salt?! Spicy hot chocolate?!!) In other news, tomorrow is Groundhog Day, one of those weird traditions you kooky Pennsylvanians have. I'm guessing that this guy will see his shadow and that winter will be a long one. But hey, with a winter like this, bring it on!!

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