Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Is it my birthday?!

Wow, my day started off super crazy, but now it's awesome! So many good things happening today. First off, I met the kindest police officer EVER this morning (don't worry, I didn't get arrested). My roommate thought that her car was stolen, and called the police. The kind police officer was at our house within a half hour, and he hunted it down. Turns out, it wasn't stolen, but wrongfully towed by some jerkfaces in West Philly. Apparently private towing companies can take your car whenever they want, because there is no way to prove that you parked where you said you did. This is stupid. The upside though, is that she can now get her car back, along with the awesome collection of DMX CD's we feared were lost forever.

After already thinking it was a fairly successful morning, I left the house only to discover that it was springtime! Really, complete with chirping birds and budding daffodils, it is amazing outside today! I actually basked in the sun for a change.

After the bask, I walked in to work to discover... PEANUT GELATO ON A WEDNESDAY!!!!! Usually we save this amazing flavor for our weekend crowds, so naturally my face lit up when I saw my favorite flavor staring up at me. Then, what's this? BURNT SUGAR TOO?!!! YEAAAAAHHH!!! In case you folks don't know, Peanut and Burnt Sugar are meant to be together just like Angelina and Brad. For an exceptional cup, include a bit of a delicious sorbetto to round things out. Might I recommend Bosc Pear? So delicious.

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