Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Capogiro? Or Italy?

The following post is from the wonderful, spectaucular Dawne Ballard during her trip around the world:

Ciao from Italia! It is our last day in Italy (we're finishing this part of our trip in Rome) and we figured an update on our gelato consumption was in order. There is gelato all over the place! You really and truly can't walk more than 2 or 3 blocks without spotting one. We didn't opt for gelato in Venice, but in Siena, we got a cup from a big, bright, shiny place on the circle in the center of town. Delicious! Though the Amarena, along with the young man who served us were a disappointment.
In Rome, on the suggestion of a superb source (our friend Ellen G.) we headed to Old Bridge, a teeeny gelateria resting just outside the walls of the Vatican. Pistacchio with Ricotta was yummy, as were Amaretto and a Ricotta with the candied fruits from Pannetone. Tasty but not tantalizing.
Last night, after visiting the Cripta dei Cappuccini (so cool, though SO unusual, you NEED to google it seriously) we headed to Grom, another tastefully shiny place, which happens to look suspiciously similar to Capogiro. Grom certainly beat out the competitors for texture, flavor, and the general experience. A bright, insanely clean, and friendly atmosphere made for an enjoyable dessert date.

So, the question that stuck in the back of our minds: Did anything compare? To what we grew up on (so what if it was in our 20's!) back home in Philly? Nope. Not at all.
What we've come out of this realizing is that we were purely and simply spoiled by Capogiro. Philadelphia, please take it from us, we don't even know how good we have it! Capogiro really is the cream of the crop, made fresh daily, and made with care. You've got what has been named arguably the BEST in the world... right at your doorstep. Dig in!

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