Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm comfortable with my inner nerd.

I don't know about you guys, but I know where I'm going on my next day off. The National Constitution Center is hosting an exhibit on Bruce Springsteen, soooo...

Listen, I'm not enough of a nerdlinger (or a pedant) to jump up on my soapbox and explain in excruciating detail all the things that our Constitution and Bruce Springsteen have in common with one another. (I mean...I could do that. If you asked.) Let's just leave it at this: the Constitution Center is actually a pretty good time, if you haven't gone. I mean yes, I am the kind of guy who will on occasion sit at home on a Friday night and watch PBS. But still--next time you have friends in from out of town, you should go. And Springsteen...I mean, c'mon. Do I really have to make the case?

And see? Now you have plans for the weekend. Besides coming to see us for a cioccolato calda with sea salt.

Curveball! I've posted plenty of Springsteen videos.

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