Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Future is NOW!

Google has done it again! This time with a new application for their Android software: sunglasses. That's right, in the next year we'll be seeing a pair of smart goggles that will have a functioning HUD (heads up display), 4g and possibly web browsing capabilities. Much of the information on the project is still unknown but it has been stated that the user will be able to control a mouse by the movement of their head. It is also speculated that the goggles will look a lot like a pair of Oakley Thumps:
Information suggests that the glasses will also be able to capture live video feed of what the user is seeing and sport GPS navigation.When I heard about this a lot of things popped into my head, mainly concerning consumerism, privacy and fashion (those are some ugly sunglasses). I am still very-much undecided on how I feel about technology like this beginning to be mass-marketed. Whatever happens you can be sure that in the next few years people will be tweeting about their favorite gelato flavors via a pair of sunglasses.

P.S.- I hope they work like the glasses from 'They Live!'

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  1. Cool! I never thought that Futuristic Sunglasses is on the works now. I guess that technology is really advancing, even now.