Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Vanilla is not the same as plain.

I might be a bit of a foodie or food snob even for this being a peeve but I feel like helping to educate people will alleviate that feeling.

We get a lot of people who think of Vanilla as "The" plain flavor. But our Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla is certainly incredibly different than the Fior di Latte which would be considered the plain. (Though in my opinion nothing we make is plain but the Fior is our unflavored and un-messed-around-with flavor and it is wonderfully delicious.)

I would like to point out that Vanilla is actually the second most expensive spice after saffron and is very tasty, incredibly unique and treasured.

It comes from an Orchid. The "bean" is a sort of pod growth that shoots out from the body of the plant.

There are multiple varieties of Vanilla but at Capogiro you will most frequently find Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla (which has no actual bourbon in it). It originates in Madagascar (obviously) but is also currently produced in the Comoros, and Reunion (both islands in the Indian ocean).

Vanilla is delicious and amazing and now everyone who has read this knows that our plain (though awesome and tasty) is not the same as our wonderful Vaniglia or Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla.

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