Friday, January 13, 2012

"Everyone deserves a palm tree once in a while," says Sarah.

Wise words, those. And it's true. Myself, I'm looking forward to a pretty good 2012 when it comes to vacation time. (Have I already started pestering the powers-that-be about my plans for June and July? You better believe it.) My best friend's getting married, mom and dad are both (separately) celebrating major milestones...though to tell the truth, the only palm trees I'll likely see will be of the Los Angeles variety, but I can dig it. I'm starting to really like LA, which is a pleasant surprise. GREAT restaurant town, though I was seriously disappointed by the movie-going experience when I was last there. I know, I know. It's LA, and the real problem might have been that "Cowboys & Aliens" might not have been Which is to say that it sucked. Kind of a lot. And for a long time. Anyway. Different blog post, that. The takeaway is this, though: keep your vacation (hypothetical as it may be) in the back of your head. It'll help you keep on keepin' on.

So what's going on at Capogiro? Enh, you know. We're sort of in a hunkered-down, behind-the-scenes moment. There's definitely some awesome new stuff on the horizon, but we're not really ready to lift the curtain yet. Soon, though. Soon. Good things for those who wait, and all that. I'll say this much: you may have a new favorite brunch habit by Super Bowl Sunday. (SUPER BOWL. The competition to get the day off has already started among my staff. Of COURSE I was the first to ask off. I'm the oldest here, and thus the smartest.)

Anyway. I swear my regular blog sessions aren't simply an excuse to cruise youtube and look at goofy dog videos. But c'mon:

That's pretty good. As always: have a good weekend. Stop in and say hi!

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