Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Shiny new things at 20th Street

So, it's been a pretty quiet week all over the city, and Rittenhouse is no exception. Even though not much has been going on this week, but we've been doing loads of cleaning, telling corny jokes to customers, and slinging some top notch gelato. We salute all of our brave customers who fought through ice and snow to visit us this weekend. You're amazing! We got a huge shipment of British candy this week, so feel free to drop by for some Cadbury Double Decker or Bounty Bars. Also, SO many Happy Hippos. So many! We are also teeming over with cookies, brownies and bundt cakes. Come and hunker down with some tasty treats.

Big news this week is the arrival of two shiny new sugar bowls at 20th Street. I am hopeful that they are indestructible, and that no one, especially Zach, will be able to break them. They're cute, they're functional, they look kinda like Muppets!

1 comment:

  1. i never noticed the muppet resemblance but now that is all I will ever see when I look at the sugar bowls.