Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A New Year....

Happy New Year everybody!

I hope everyone had a safe and fun New Year! I know my house is still covered in a thick layer of silly string marking how much fun the Mummers Parade was.

For us at 13th St. the new year was bitter sweet. Dawne has moved on to prepare for her upcoming and incredible trip around the world and we all wish her the best and can't wait to hear about her future experiences. She will be greatly missed around here but we are happy that she is doing something awesome.

We love you Dawne!!

Luckily for us we have been joined by two bright lovely new ladies. Whitney started with us during the holidays and is super fun and awesome behind the bar and she has a dog (we love people with awesome pets here). Meagan started her first shift today and is off to a great start.

So if you stop by and see a new face in the store make sure to give them your brightest smile and help us welcome them to the Capo13 crew. And if you happen to catch Dawne before she departs be sure to wish her well on her epic journey!

Happy New Year everybody!!


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