Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm sitting in a cafe. Blogging! What's happened to me?!

So I randomly have a weekday off, since Becca has to go bowling with her in-laws on Sunday or something. And there are a ton of things I've needed to get done in my personal world that I've been neglecting, mostly because of Skyrim. (If I can reliably beat up a dragon, why is it that I so often get pummeled by a stupid bear? Not many of you are going to understand that, I'm guessing. Video game nerd thing.) So I knew that if I didn't drag myself out of the house today I wouldn't get anything done.

Thought to myself, "Self, where could you go at the bright, shiny crack of 1:00 in the afternoon to get coffee and wifi and settle in for a bit to do some work?" Well. Capo13, obviously. For starters, Sean and Nelson are nice guys. Plus it's not MY store, so I know I'm unlikely to run into anyone I know to distract me from getting stuff done.

The thing is, I sort of never hang out in cafes. Like, never ever. I honestly can't remember that last time I sat and had a cup of coffee and read a magazine. You mean I could get a bagel and not have to abandon it in the middle to go do something else? Is this how normal people live? Seriously, old, lukewarm bagels are incredibly disappointing. I'm honestly a little flummoxed. You'd think I'd be familiar with all this, given how much of my career I've spent running the places where people do exactly what I'm doing now. But I'm all at sixes and sevens, awkward elbows and feeling conspicuous about all the stuff on my table. (Laptop, iphone, list of stuff to do for the day, my planner, my staff's request-off-book, a diet coke, and a cup of coffee. Is that a lot? It feels like a lot. Then there's my backpack, my jacket, and my laptop charger.)

And then. Super-embarrassing. Little chagrined that Sarah was here to see it, because I'm fairly certain she'll bring it up again at a later date. I'm one of those people that can focus better when I have my own music to listen to. Not totally earth-shattering, right? I'm hardly the only one. So...launch itunes. Start something playing. Don't realize for about five minutes that my headphones are still plugged into my phone, not my laptop. Everyone has been listening to Yo Yo Ma and I'm too clueless to get the awkward glances I'm assuming everyone around me is casting my way. When did I become unsuitable to be in public? Clearly I need to leave the house more.

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