Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pretty things

It was a lovely weekend here at 20th Street. Thanks to all of the new folks who came in on Saturday, it was great to meet you. Whilst we absolutely adore our regulars, it's always rad to see so many fresh faces coming in to check out our gelato and panini. Thanks for all of your questions too, we love talking about what we do. I think the most popular comments/questions this weekend we're along the lines of "Number one in the world, eh? Awesome!" and "what on earth is a quince?" (For those of you who don't know, a quince is a magical little pome fruit that tastes like the lovechild of pear and apple). Creative wunderkind Kamala came in today to give our menu boards a fresh coat of paint. Thanks, K! They look great, and so do you!


  1. why is it we are drawn to take pics of kamala's butt when she does the board? hmmmm?

  2. Btw... the poster means that my bum is #1 as well as the gelato. ;)