Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Word travels far..

Whew, I just got back from a three-day mini vacation to Richmond, VA, one of my most beloved cities ever. I moved here from there about five years ago, and left a lot of really good friends. I saw a bunch of people I hadn't seen in a while, danced a lot, went to the river, and ate a lot of super good food. Sadly, there was an epic storm there on the fourth, so no fireworks for me. Tragic, I know. However, I got to hang out with PEACOCKS all weekend (there is a small llama/peacock farm across the road from the house where I was staying and they roam about freely during the summer). I named this one Stanley, and decided that he is a big fan of monster truck rallies, pink lemonade, and George Michael. Go fig.

I was really happy to hear so many people in Richmond speak highly of Philadelphia. When I first moved here, I found the locals to be a bit brisk and standoffish with newcomers, the antithesis to the southern charm to which I had grown accustomed. However all of the folks I talked to in Richmond about my new home had nothing but good things to say about Philly, particularly it's arts and culture. When it came up that I worked with Capogiro, I was also glad to hear people singing our praises. It seems that whenever you travel to Philadelphia, a concierge or bartender will often direct you to Capo as part of the whole Philadelphia experience. I even made friends with a French student on the train who used to go to Penn, and he practically entered into a salivating trance when we were talking about my job. He said that when in undergrad, he had a weekly $20 Capo budget but would often go over. Woohoo for being famous!

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