Friday, July 22, 2011

The Story of the Pear

Every child knows the story of the Cactus Pears, but how does it apply to real life? Legend says that every summer the children of the world are visited by a Fruit Wizard visiting earth from the infinite void who casts a level 5 spell of summoning on them. The next day the children are awoken by several pounds of unripe cactus pears being brought into existence with a loud crack. The frightened children then carve faces and other shapes into the pears to prevent their pets and friends from being cursed.

Real Scientists have discovered many uses for these rare and valuable fruits. The skin, when dried, acts as a super adhesive and is used when processing rubber and cement mix. The rich pulpy fruit can be made into a variety of dishes and may also be used to flavor tea. Here at Capogiro we've found our own use for them as the main ingredient in a delicious sorbet. The result is a crisp, pinkish delight with a flavor somewhere in the middle of watermelon, cucumber, and grape. This wondrous desert pears(lol double pun kinda) perfectly with most if not all of the other sorbets and is the perfect treat on these hot summer days. So teleport over to your local Capo and pick up a cup. Now. (Really, do it now, it's not going to be around for very long!)


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