Friday, July 8, 2011

Where in the world is Capogiro Gelato?

So you caught that you can get pints of Capogoodness at Gelson's in Los Angeles, right? First thing I did when I heard that was email my friend Joel, who's lived in LA for, like, ever now. What does he say? "Come open up shop." Capital idea! Where COULD we put the next Capogiro? A few suggestions, just throwin' stuff at the wall:

Mars! I'm a big fan of Mars. It's never hot and humid on Mars. Always cool. And in that low gravity, our sorbetti would seem even MORE weightless! Probably a lot of starfruit on another planet! Get it? STARfruit? Yeah, I'm not really sure what joke I'm trying to make either. Moving on!

Yes, LA! Because they need espresso with soul in LA. Gotta convince them to lay off that corporate stuff (you know what I'm talking about). On the serious tip, think of all the AWESOME produce we could get from the Central Valley. We'd make more than one avocado sorbetto variety! And the nut gelati would be great. LA has lots of nuts! (har) There would be many pictures of celebrities eating our gelato, which is nice, if you're into that sort of thing. Also: low humidity.

Vieques, off of Puerto Rico! I would grit my teeth and volunteer to open this store. It would be a hardship, but I'm a giver. I mean, the Tropics: hot and humid. No one wants that. Well...okay, SOMEONE wants that, given that people live there. And my aunt just bought a house on the island. So people are there! And they need gelato, because again: hot and humid.

Saudi Arabia's Rub' al Khali, also known as the Empty Quarter! I think my kiwi granita would do well here, given that it's so refreshing. There may not be very much foot traffic, though. It isn't known as the Empty Quarter for nothing. But if the store is quiet, then there would be plenty of time to clean up all the sand that would be constantly blowing in the door! I haven't been to the Rub' al Khali, but it doesn't look that humid. Might be hot, though.

Bangkok! Bangkok is all about street food and little motorcycles, right? So we rig up a medium-sized motorcycle with TWO sidecars: one has a freezer full of, well, Capogoodness, obviously. The other sidecar gets outfitted for an 80 pound bulldog. Then we ship out Sarah, Toro, and the CapoFrankenMobile to get our awesomeness's foot in Asia's door. Bangkok, though: unnecessarily hot and humid. I mean, way more than is called for. I'd be reluctant to visit. Maybe in the winter, when it snows?

Finally, Cincinnati! Why? I'm not sure! This was Tim's idea. Which is odd, given that Tim is a notorious galavanter. Just in the last three months he's been to Rwanda AND the Baltic states! So maybe he knows what he's talking about, being that he's so worldly and all. It's a National League city at least, so the Phillies would be around regularly. Isn't there something about some odd marriage of chili and spaghetti in Cincinnati? Gelato con brioche sounds like pretty much the perfect dessert after that. Don't know much about the humidity, though. Need to look into it.

Okay! We'll get working on these, now that I've got rumors started on the Martian blogs that we're opening up there soon. Better start those STARfruit growing! (Still not sure where the joke is here. It's amusing me though. This is what matters.)

Have a great weekend, everybody.

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