Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What's YOUR Favorite?

'What's YOOOUUUUR favorite flavor?'

If you've ever worked at Capogiro, chances are you've heard that question countless times. I never can pin down just one favorite, so it's not usually too hard to answer, and I don't have to lie about it. For some reason though, lately I've been more and more tempted to say ridiculous things, and I'm not sure where it's coming from. Perhaps I'm feeling super witty, or creative, or sarcastic, or silly, who knows? Either way, I've had to stop myself from blurting absurd strings of words a couple of times the past few weeks.
Today I genuinely wanted to answer a nice lady's fave-flav inquiry with something to the tune of "Bluedulcestrawraspmangoberry". Come again? God bless you? Can I try it? I'll just take a piccolo of whatever that is.
That answer probably stemmed from a LOVE of berries. A looooove of mango, and a l.o.v.e of dulce. All of which you likely gathered if you have any familiarity with fruit and... Capogiro. I'm thinking there may not actually be much harm in answering someone with a few flavors strung together. Set the confusion aside, and you get them thinking, talking, ideally laughing, and ultimately trying a new flavor or combination of flavors! Amazing! All credited to an over-active imagination?! We say do it. Use your noggin and amuse your taste buds.
What's your favorite combo? :)

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