Monday, July 11, 2011

The Women will show you how it is done...

Yesterday we drove my daughter to an overnight soccer camp. She had just returned from spending time with her grandparents and I was not happy to see her go again. I needed some time with her. Alas, she loves soccer, as everyone in the family does, and we had to get her to her camp. The drive was 45 minutes out of the city. We had some time while packing, so we sat down to watch the quarterfinal of the Women's World Cup; USA v Brazil. We had been watching all of the games. John and the boys were surprised at how much they loved watching women's soccer. Of course I was slightly offended. Manny, who plays soccer every day (EVERY DAY!) announced that men could learn and thing or two from these "girls". Yes, he said "girls" and he is 12. My son noticed how the women, who seem to be as physical as the men, do not get knocked over as easily, do not cry and roll on the ground when they are hit and actually get up immediately and do not miss a step. No diving, no faking, no poor sportsmanship. He claimed that they were both mentally and physically tougher than the men. Manny stated that they were less selfish and therefore acted more like a team and were more supportive at the same time they were demanding of each other. Wow.

We had to record the remainder of the game and we hopped in the car. We arrived at the young women's soccer game with our fingers crossed that we did not hear a score. Of course we had little hope. The young women checking in the girls were watching laptops and I could hear the crowds roaring through its speakers. Oh no... A father yelled over, "What's the score?!" I turned and hissed, "SHHHHHHHH. Pu-lease!! We left the house at the 43rd minute." The game should have been over, so I realized it was in overtime. We rushed through check-in, set up Micha's room, tons of hugs and kisses and we covered our ears and ran to the car.

We were very close to where our lovely farmer with his 50 cows lives, so we decided to take a Sunday drive. We ended up in Kennett Square and had some delicious Mexican popsicles at La Michoacana. By some type of miracle, we were able to spend the entire day wandering about and not hearing the score. We arrived at home around 7 and ran to the teli.

What a game! What an amazing spectacle of how one should handle oneself when things are lined up against you. I love Brazil. It is an amazing country. I felt for those poor women who through some poor officiating and their own poor sportsmanship turned the crowd against their team. Brazil is not an easy place to be when you lose a soccer game. Although, some can say karma, I say it is a life lesson. I truly want this country to embrace the beautiful game. The American women showed the world how to be gritty and work hard and play fair. The biggest complaint that I hear about men's soccer is how unfair the game seems to be. Let's hope that the world's women can show them the way.

Now, if you have not seen the game, it is being replayed on ESPN. Go watch. Don't miss the remaining games. USA v. FRANCE. SWEDEN v. JAPAN.

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