Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Miami of Canada

Lately at CapoYunk several of our Staff have gone on vacation. It certainly is the time of year for that sort of thing, but what has been unusual is that everyone seems to be going to Chicago. I can't remember another point in my life where people I see all the time kept running off to a city in the Mid-West, especially in the quick succession that they seem to be doing it around here.
I may be making a bigger deal of this than it actually is, but heck 33.3% of our crew have been talking about The Windy City almost nonstop for the past few weeks. This got me thinking about WHAT exactly everyone is running off to Chicago for? Could it be to visit family? Is there a new exhibit at The Museum of Contemporary Art? Is everyone a huge fan of Improv Theater? It it to watch a Bears game? Maybe it's for the upcoming Pitchfork Music Festival??????

I can tell you what it's really all about in just one word: Pizza.

The Yunkies can't get enough of that deep dish Za'. Philadelphia, like most of the East Coast, is lacking in true Chicago-Style Pizza. I can't think of a single spot in our fine city that serves a mean tomato pie in a true deep-dish form. Is it crazy to travel almost half way across the country for a radical Za' slice? I don't know, you tell me.

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