Tuesday, July 12, 2011


If you visited Capogiro 13th anywhere from one time or one thousand times in the last three years, you've probably seen - and if you're lucky, met - Alex.

Alex joined the crew at 13th street in May of 2008 as a 19 year old newbie with a quick wit, a goofy attitude, and a knack for making people smile. After three solid, unforgettable years, and a hell of a good time, she's parting ways with us.

It's not easy to write about Alex. There is SO MUCH to say about her (good stuff, duh) sooooo, silly as it may seem, here's a short list of words that in one way or another, give you a glimpse of this awesome girl.

Happy, laughing, caffeinated, smiling, master of krumping, gelato taste-tester, free spirited, cookie loving, pants fixing, french toasting, recycling policing, advice giving, bike riding, genuine-being (shh, it's grammatically correct), cool-glasses wearing, hat and scarf-making, love giving!

If you're reading this and didn't realize that Alex is leaving Capogiro, stop crying. Don't worry! She'll still be around the city for over a month more and she's likely to stop by 13th a handful of times before she heads off to farm on an island far far away (really! How rad is that?).

Deeeeeeear Alex, we will miss you like crazy and we wish you the absolute ultimate best!
<3 Capo :)


  1. So sweet.... We think so too... Her whole life:)

  2. That is so sweet. We think so too, ever since we knew her.<3 Mom

  3. NO!!! Alex, you are welcome back anytime. Thank you for all your hard work, your smile each day and the energy that you brought with you. You will be sadly missed. You will be an asset no matter where you go!

    John + Stephanie