Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stone Fruit!!!

We are officially, for a SUPER LIMITED time,
knee deep in Stone fruit season!!!

It is stone fruit season. That magical time of year when juice
runs down your chin and dancing erupts spontaneously.
Can you imagine the response of the very first person who 
had the guts to bite into an orangey-pinkish fuzzy ball hanging 
from a tree? I am sure that they dropped to their knees and 
probably cried. Yes, cried.

Now is that time. Here at Capo, we eat this now. Why? Because,
 you should and that is just what we do. Eat fruit when it is in 
season. It tastes as it should, which is perfect. Eat them now, 
because tomorrow they will be gone.

"The good times of today are the sad thoughts of tomorrow." 

Stone Fruit Season!!!

Lancaster County Peach Gelato
Lancaster County Nectarine Sorbetto
Lancaster County Sugar Plum Sorbetto
Lancaster County Peach with Bourbon
Black Raspberries (because we love you)
Mint Stracciatella - because a little mint with 
some stones is perfect.

Click HERE to order for shipping. 
6 perfectly packed pints for $60 + shipping!

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