Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's Getting HOT in Here...

If you've stepped outside in Philadelphia recently, you've proooobably noticed how incredibly hot it has been. We thought last week was bad, and it was... but this week will still have us bee-lining for air conditioning. Without leaving the city to cool off at the beach there aren't many options to keep cool apart from jumping in a fountain (which is probably filthy and actually mostly urine). If you haven't already jumped to the logical conclusion, let us lend a friendly hand. Now is the PERFECT weather to stop by and try a frappe with your favorite flavor or two blended together into a delicious, life-changing, refreshing cold drink. I know I would rather sit in an air conditioned Capogiro and sip on a tasty drink than wonder what just brushed against my leg in a city fountain.
And might we suggest trying an incredibly refreshing Cactus Pear frappe? Our very own Jackie, had prepared a stellar blog post about Cactus Pear, only to learn this morning that the kids over at CapoPenn beat her to the punch and posted their OWN. Speedy speedy blog addicts! Anyways. Her illustration is AWESOME, so you all get to check it out regardless of whether or not her Cactus post goes up.

Sean (And Jackie!)

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