Wednesday, July 20, 2011


OHMAHGAWD, it's super hot outside. Like SUPER hot. It's all over the news, epic heat wave strikes Philadelphia. Stay indoors, keep hydrated, don't go running, lock up your children!! Well no one seems to be listening to most of this advice because there are swarms of people here at Capogiro today. So many that I'm gonna have to keep this blog post short and sweet so that I can go scoop gelato to the sweaty masses. Not that we're complaining! We feel that the best way to stay cool in this hellish weather is to chow down on some tasty frozen treats. So if you can, please walk, don't run, to your nearest Capo and get cool with us. New flavors today, Cactus Pear and Lemon Thyme sorbetto!!! Makes a great combination! Also, New Yorkers, be sure to check us out this weekend at Meatopia in Brooklyn!

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