Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lusting for Cioccolato Scuro

It is a fact of life that one thing will always be preferred over another. When dealing with a product such as ours there has to be one flavor that is chosen time and time again over any other flavor. Out of the HUNDREDS of different kinds of gelato we offer there is bound to be one that is offered daily at all our locations throughout Philadelphia. While all of this makes sense from a statistical standpoint there is no easy way of explaining the intense emotional connection our customers have to our Cioccolato Scuro (also known as Dark Chocolate). In my years working for Capo I have thought about this for WAY to many hours. At first I just immediately accepted the fact that Scuro was the most popular flavor. There have been countless times people have joked with me about only ever ordering something if we still have the Dark Chocolate on that day. As time moved on I started realizing that these people were not kidding. I have witnessed peoples impending tears as they hear that someone 'got the last scoop' of Scuro. I have heard children's dismay as there parents inform them of a 'dark chocolateless' situation. By now I have seen this happen almost weekly for the past few years.
The more situations like this I witnessed the more important I realized this ONE flavor is to people. I began to understand that to many people the Scuro was not just 'another flavor of gelato' but was an immense source of happiness, and often a must have after a long night of gorging on Passyunk Avenue. It really blows my mind to think that we make something so darn good that it has such an intense effect over people, this goes for all our gelato but the person-to-Scuro relationship is on an entirely different level. If you think I'm exaggerating then I dare anyway to come with a group of friends to sample gelato, almost 100% of the people who try the Cioccolato Scuro will get it!

Stay cool you chocolate freaks!

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