Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Start Your Engines!

Your holiday cake buying engine! We've told you about them before, I know, but it's in full swing now, baby! Be the envy of your guests at your next holiday party, family gathering, or misfit toy club meeting.

Layers of fresh, seasonal gelati and sorbetti shaped into exotic shapes, like PRISMS (ooh, like that pink floyd album) and DOMES (like those bullet guys from mario bros. what were they called?) Whoaaaaa.

We keep our case fully stocked with some of our favorites:

Il Mattone - Or the brick to most. Alternating layers of sweet Mascarpone gelato and indulgent Amaretto gelato in a rectangular shaped cake coated with toasted almonds.

Triangolo - Our most popular cake. Three layers of gelato in a groovy prism shape. Contains a layer of each: Cioccolato Scuro, Fior di Latte, and Bacio, with crushed house-caramelized hazelnuts pressed into one side. Slice it backwards to hear secret messages from a non-denominational demon of your choice!*

Della Signora - Men, fear not! It's only a lady cake because of the finger shaped cookies on the outside! A layer of Pistacchio Siciliano gelato topped with a layer of Burnt Sugar gelato with those caramelized hazelnuts (they're something special) in between and on top. It's finished off with a ring of lady finger cookies and a fancy pants bow.

Not something you were thinking? We have other cakes in our reportoire available for special order. La Bomba is a sharp little number of two seasonal sorbetti, surrounded by a layer of Thai Coconut Milk gelato with flaked coconut pressed into the exterior in a sleek half sphere shape. Or maybe you're going to dress to impress with an L'Alaska al Forno: a brilliant cake made up of a 2 flavor core and then topped with beautiful peaks of Italian Meringue. Placed in a 500 degree oven for a minute or two (wait, gelato in the oven? no lie!) to get the meringue brown and toasted. It'll knock the pants off your guests, if that's what you're goal is.

Or, choose to keep it simple. Ciclone comes in two cyclone shaped sizes with up to 4 layers of seasonal sorbetti. Circles make you dizzy? The Quadrato is a traditional square shaped cake with up to 5 alternating layers of seasonal gelati or sorbetti. You decide!

Maybe not your favorite seasonal flavor? Call us up! (215)-636-9250. Our gelato cake operators are always available to discuss our current seasonal flavor options with you for your very own, one of a kind, custom gelato cake. Keep in mind they're only made at our 20th St location and we'll need a few days to whip up something custom for you.

*We kid, we kid. Only our cioccolato scuro is demon endorsed, start saving now to buy his soon to be released basketball sneaks.

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