Monday, December 28, 2009

Barista-On-Barista: Ryan R.

It's that time again!! Time to get to know your bright eyed, smiling faced, always-happy-to-see-you Capogiro baristas: This week we've got the scoop (get it, "scoop", we sell gelato... hahaha) on 13th street's Ryan R., or, as he signs off on all of his cleaning tasks by, "R²". [Just so ya know, this photo is from our Holiday party last week, he doesn't work like that.]

As a customer, you probably know Ryan as that sweet guy who can handle an out-the-door Saturday night summer line quickly and with the slightest of ease. Getting you from anxiously waiting at the back of the line to lounging in our cafe with a full cup of Avocado and Lime sorbetto all within a matter a seconds, and with the style and grace demanded of a Capogiro gelato artisan. (It is a serious art, if you didn't know. I mean, you've read all about how we scoop this stuff, haven't you?)

To me, Ryan is that guy that I can always count on to be consistently AWESOME. No seriously. Ryan's been at Capogiro for a little over 2 years now, and he's got his barista game on tight. But Ryan is much much more than a barista, I swear...

A journalism major at Temple University, Ryan has just finished up an internship at Philadelphia's Magnet magazine. He was even so popular there that they ended up interviewing him about music, about Magnet itself, and yes, even about Capogiro... (You can read that interview HERE.) Ryan's set to graduate school this spring, and has plans to move to Iceland with his fiancé, Joe, after the summer. (Gay marriage is legal there, so legal that they even have an openly gay President... Did'ya know that?)

We'll miss you Ryan, but till then, keep scoopin' those eggs (I told you, read that post)...

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