Thursday, December 17, 2009

Barista-on-Barista..... Con-radical

Sooo, there's a guy at Capogiro 13th street who's kinda awesome. He's Conrad to most. In fact, once you meet him, he'll be Conrad to you too. Conrad is the go-to man for any and everything sweet-related at Capogiro. Gelato is a biggie (duh), but we've also got those crazy good cookies, caramels, gummy pandas, chocolaty things, gavottes, biscotti, brownies, newly discovered vegan treats... the list goes on!

Aside from his general awesomeness, his fancy beverage-making talents, and the stunning breadth of his knowledge about the sugary concoctions we offer you, Conrad is the author of Philthy Blog. That's right, THE author. I'm not much of a blogger or blog reader, but this one is worth it. Really and truly. Long ago, on my first day of training at Capogiro, I'm fairly sure that the first words to come out of Conrad's mouth (aside from 'Capogiro rocks my world!') were 'Hey I'm Conrad! You should check out my blog!" I did my best to absorb everything I was taught that day, and when I got home I headed to the blog.

There is absolutely no way to sum Conrad up in just a few words, but the blog actually gives you a pretty incredible look into what he's passionate about. What gets him thinking, gets him mad, some stellar photography; Conrad is one of the most knowledgeable and motivated people I know. You're sure to find easy conversation, and an intellectually challenging one if you're up for it. He's also a genuine charmer. No joke. The guy is adorable. Come say hi!

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