Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What's In A Name?

We know you don't understand, and we sorta like it that way. It's that one little thing we can smile about on the inside when you ask us. It's an age old question round these parts "What's capogiro mean anyway?"

But shh...don't tell my boss, 'cause I'm gonna let you in on our little secret.

To have a capogiro is the Italian way of saying that you are a bit dizzy. Not dizzy in a feeling sick to your stomach way but, mind you, dizzy in a schoolyard crush kinda way. The one where you have to sit down cause the grin on your face is throwing off your equilibrium.

It breaks down like this: capo means head and giro means spinning. Are you picking up the breadcrumb trail I'm leaving for ya?

Here's what the fine folks who write Italian - English Collins Dictionary have to say

Capogiro - sm: dizziness
aver un capogiro - to have a dizzy spell
ho avuto un capogiro - I felt dizzy
da capogiro - astonishing

So come on in and let a Capogiro hit you: we have plenty of seats to rest your tush on and all sorts of refreshments for you to recover!

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