Monday, December 7, 2009

Vegan Apple Cider Donuts!!

Yeah, that's right... We used the "V" word.

If you haven't stopped by 13th Street to taste one of these mouth watering creations, you need to schedule a visit soon.

Mike Landers, the mastermind behind the North Port Fishington Cookie Factory treats, has completely reinvented the cruelty-free goody. "But vegan?", you ask? YES. We know. But try it for yourself, they're only 50 cents. Moist, dense, and delicious: grab a couple of mini apple cider donuts with your morning cappuccino and start your day!

The North Port Fishington Cookie Factory delicacies are made in Philly's own kitchen share. (Did you even know Philly had a kitchen share? Very cool Philly.) Along with the donuts, 13th Street carries North Port's Chococochip, Peanut Butter and Crasin Oatmeal vegan cookies.

You don't have to be vegan to like these goodies, or even know what a vegan is... You just have to like goooooooooooood treats!!


  1. Even as a non-vegan/avid/active carnivore; I MUST admit... these adorable little donuts are pretty yummy and addictive.

  2. I prefer my mini donut wrapped in a piece of double smoked bacon...