Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Wonderland!

This weekend was wonderful. A blanket of snow covered Philadelphia. My kids dove into the snow. As city kids, their snow memories are far different than mine or John's. John grew up in upstate NY where the snow was serious. I grew up on the beaches of New Jersey. Snow covered the joint, but it was usually nothing too serious. My parents would take us to the lone hills in the area and we would sled or tube down. Turkey Swamp Park was the place where we would ice skate and drink hot chocolate. My teen years were filled with football games on the beach with the snow: nice memories. John's winter was filled with snow - he has horror stories regarding the shoveling of his drive as a teen. Very different from snow in Philly.

The kids ran out the house and along with the other kids on the block, tunneled through the brick walks and between the cars. Our dogs tore up and down the block and snowball fights were had using the parked buried cars as cover. We walked a few blocks to view the art museum covered in snow and looking beautiful. A walk to the neighborhood deli to purchase bread and eggnog was fun. The city was quiet wrapped in snow. No buses, no sirens, no crazy people yelling through the streets. Shhhhhhhh, the city begged: it's snowing!

This past Saturday is usually the busiest shopping day of the year. Capogiro was quiet, but those walking in were so appreciative of the warm coffee and soup. Our baristi were happy to see those who ventured out. We did close early: we were worried about everyone getting home safely. For our friends who came out and enjoyed the hot chocolate and gelato, thank you for the company. The city in the winter.

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