Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cross Country Capogiro

Have you ever found yourself on a long business trip in Boston, going through Capo-withdrawal? Were you shaking in the corner of your hotel room, with your laptop propped open for you to stare at the daily flavor list like a lion gazing hungrily at a gazelle? Do you roam aimlessly through the streets mumbling in a mixture of tongues and broken Italian... forcing yourself into ice cream shops and leaving with feelings of emptiness and regret?

Fret no more, Bostonians!

We're shipping fresh gelato and sorbetto to this fantastic Zagat rated, Italian Wine Bar, Café called Piattini! They just got an awesome review in the Boston Globe and we wanted to congratulate them and wish them the best via Capo-blog shout out.

Thank you Piattini, for spreading the Capogiro love and furthering our (not so) secret plans of world domination.

Where in the world will we end up next? Any ideas?

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