Thursday, December 10, 2009

Party Favor Flavors

As the holiday season descends upon us, the cards and party invitations start pouring in. Office parties, family parties, friend parties, kid parties, etc. Parties are fun and all, but it can be a bit overwhelming when you're expected to bring a little something to each one. A bottle of vino, a cookie tray, foil-wrapped candies: these are acceptable contributions, but don't they seem too played out after all these years? I mean, really - when is the last time a tray of gingerbread or sugar cookies really knocked your (or anyone's) socks off?

When heading to holiday parties this year, why not bring some Capogiro pints along? They are hand-packed into sturdy to-go containers in any of our three Philadelphia locations, and you can pick any flavor from our abundant gelato selections. Kids will love sweet-tart pomegranate and milky dulce de leche, while adults will appreciate rich and luxurious chocolate hazelnut, sophisticated Turkish coffee, or sinful single malt scotch. Thai coconut milk, dark chocolate, and lemon sorbetto are all guaranteed crowd pleasers. Our baristi will be happy to help you pick the perfect flavors (we have between 22 - 27 fresh flavors in our cafes), sure to add a creative flare to any dessert spread. All those dry and boring cookies will be given new life when used as bookends for gelato sandwiches!

If you're invited to soirees out on the Main Line, New Jersey, or even further, never fear - you won't arrive bearing gelato soup! Our gelato can survive the trip. We pack your pints up with ice or even dry ice, and both will keep them frozen for several hours.

So this year, bring the party favor everyone will fight over - pints of Capogiro's beautiful, artisanal gelato!

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