Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Party Time '09!

So you're at your usual office party or something. Did you hear what Kathy did with the Murphy account? Blah Blah Blah.......... BAM! All of a sudden you show up on a snow mobile blaring Huey Lewis and the News, holding one of these bad mamajama's. "Whoa! Where did that come from?" You'll start to tell about your cool new snow mobile, and how you got it up 12 flights of stairs, but you'll be silenced. The hoards will demand; "The cake! Its beautiful.......Where did it come from?" The Rittenhouse Capogiro will be the answer.

Pop into our store, and at the opposite end of the gelato case (hidden away to avoid freezing customers like deer in headlights) you will find a selection of cakes ready for you to take home. Today we have the Triangolo, our most popular cake. Cioccolato Scuro, Fior di Latte, and Bacio with a caramelized hazelnut coat. La Bomba is a dome shaped cake full of raspberry and kiwi sorbetti with a coconut gelato shell. Il Mattone, "The Brick," is layered with Toasted Almond and Mascarpone, then coated with nuts. The Della Signora has alternating layers of Pistacchio Siciliano and Burnt Sugar, separated by caramelized hazelnuts and adorned with lady fingers. I think this is our most beautiful cake.

Come in or call to ask about our other cake options. They are customizable to your liking. We ask for 48 hours in advance for any customized cake. We will put it in a pretty blue box with ribbon and bow, and surround your cake with dry ice. BooYow. Headline your train.

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