Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Zuppa for your Soul...and your Belly

 I arrived at work today to find THE greatest thing ever. The soup warmer (that we hauled out of our storage room about 3 weeks ago) (we were eager!) was plugged in, turned on, and chock full of tasty hot soup! Now, I know what all of you are thinking, "But Capogiro is a gelateria, selling the finest frozens this side of the Atlantic, how does soup fit into that equation?" Well, first off, regardless of reason, the soups are out of this world. My excitement, as well as the rest of the staff's, can't even really be shared to it's fullest extent through words on the internet. You have to see it to believe it.

Second off, our soups are prepared in the tried and trued ways of the Italians in the countries mountainous regions to the north. Here's what gelato master and all around good gal Steph has to say about them: "Capogiro's soups follow the peasant tradition of necessity: you should use hearty, earthy ingredients that nourish, satisfy, and will improve with age. The people in of Italy's northern mountainous regions were often hard workers that didn't have very much, but ate well regardless. Ingredients were combined in the morning and set on low heat to simmer all day while the family worked." The idea being that by dinnertime the combination of simple ingredients would have had a chance to marry together to perform a super harmony worthy of American Idol judges.

Steph continues, (she has such a way with words, gush): This soup would sit on the fire for and serve as lunch and dinner for days until all of it had disappeared. Each passing day only improving on the its tastes, texture, and overall appeal. There was no room for waste."

Our soups are made fresh as needed, but trust me when I say it's better after it's been simmering away for a day or two, which rarely happens. Rich and hearty, with mega concentrated flavors, and as many local ingredients that we can get our hands on. We'll be serving our Vegetarian Lentil pictured above on a daily, with one other rotating every couple of days.

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