Friday, October 9, 2009

Ciao, Professore!

Ah, cultural differences. While they often cause tension and drama in our everyday lives, when put on film, and starring primarily potty mouthed 8- to 9-year old school children, they sure can make us laugh. Paolo Villaggio stars as a school teacher from northern Italy (that's where we modeled our gelato style!) who is transplanted to a town in the south and must adapt to those cultural differences as well as some really truant children. And by truant, I mean downright filthy. Let's just say it's a good thing the translator for the subtitles knew his share of four letter words. I think I may have learned a few new ones myself.

As usual, movie night is at the 'Yunk (and only for a few more weeks before we hang out gelato scoops there for the winter!) and starts at 7PM. You know you've nothing better to do on a Monday night.

Here's a scene where Paolo's character Marco Sperelli bumbles around the village collecting all of the schoolchildren who are doing anything and everything but attending classes. Props to the gelateria in the very beginning!


Disclaimer note: all of the fantastic baristi at Capogiro are of legal working age. Except RJ, who's actually an ageless wood nypmh.

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