Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Queen of the Morning

I cannot lie, I started this post penning drafts of haiku's praising the fall and the arrival of pumpkins and cider, but abandoned that idea by the time I'd begun to write the words "falling leaves".
I've been working in food service for so long I've nearly forgotten about what it's like to be on the other side of the counter. I know that when I was much younger, in my mind everyone who worked in a coffee shop had achieved the Ultimate Cool - their lives were shrouded in mystery and I desperately wanted to be a part of the club. Now that I'm One Of Them (just much less mysterious) I try as hard as I can to break down the wall between the counter and the customer. To that end, in the next few blog entries from 13th street, you'll be meeting our staff. Hopefully, armed with information and a sense of who you'll see when you walk through our doors, you'll be more willing to strike up a conversation with our crew.
For those of you who have made a habit of incorporating 13th street into your morning routine, firstly - thank you! But secondly, you've most certainly become familiar with one of our baristi, Ms. Anya. For the longest time, Anya's been our go-to steady opener, arriving with a sense of purpose and an ever longer list of things she needs to do once she gets off work. She's been with Capogiro for many years now, and is a veteran to the nuances that create a truly welcoming shop. What you may not realize, however, is that as soon as she steps out of those doors and into the world, she's not nearly through. Anya graduated from University of the Arts this past spring and works passionately for local theater companies. Though she's always backstage, chances are very good she's juggling two or three shows at once as well as keeping babysitting commitments as well as an eye on her friends and sisters back in Virgina. She hails from a multitude of cities across the US, but mention Alaska and her eyes will always widen with a smile - to really make her day all she needs is an Alaskan state quarter and a song to sing while she jets around the cafe.
So, just another reason to come by and see us here - and you were saved from any attempts at rhyming couplets.

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