Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's “CHO CO LAH TO” Conrad... but thanks for the AWESOME video!

We love Conrad and will forgive him for the ugly American accent. We love you! The Cioccolato Calda con Panna. Have you met it? Italian Hot Chocolate served with Fresh Whipped Cream. Uh, did you just get tingly all over? I sure did. Dark cacao plus sugar plus milk plus a secret ingredient (aside from love) makes an incredibly delicious, thick, chocolaty, sweet, and heavenly concoction.

The Cioccolato Calda con Panna is the ultimate warm-you-up drink.
Consume as you please. Sips or spoons may be used, and while you may
be tempted, we advise against plunging your face into the cup in eagerness.

The cooler weather is moving in. We'd love to say it’s not so, but we're not too worried. You can rest assured that your fingers, toes, and taste buds will be deliciously toasty. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm busy making googly love-eyes at my beverage.

Check out the video! Consider it a generous preview of a potential new
love in your life.

Cioccolato Con Panna from Capogiro Gelato on Vimeo.

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