Friday, October 23, 2009

Creamery Pennsylvania

Many of you are unfamiliar with the workings of a real life dairy. Yes, Capogiro is a real live dairy. We source our own milk from an Amish farm, and we create our gelato and sorbetto with our own hands! Shocking, I know. We never outsource our gelato to some other dairy. We have purchased all the stuff necessary and have jumped through all the hoops to make the best product we know how to do. Why? Cuz we just don't trust anyone to do it "to our standards". We will manage our own standards, thank you very much. The result is that we know our farmers, we test the milk ourselves to make sure there are no antibiotics or growth hormones, and you can taste the difference. That difference is the freshest milk from cows grazing on grass in nearby Lancaster. The freshest fruit not grown with pesticides and other chemicals that is allowed to vine ripen. We can establish relationships with actual people, imagine that?!? I have visited these farms, pet the cows and have chased a little Amish 3 year old around the barn. I have asked for items to be grown from other farmers and BAM! the herb is planted just for me! Control!!!!

I know, being a control freak is not always the best thing, but you decide. Would you rather eat something that someone says is made to their "standards" in a far away place, they have never seen? A place that makes other products "to their standards" for many companies? Or, better yet, would you rather eat something that is grown and raised by farmers, who use the land like they always have for generations by natural standards. Farmers who refuse to go mass? Then the farmer's work is then used by people who love what they do and won't settle to just sit on the sideline, but like to roll up their sleeves and get to work? Wow. Talk about going on and on. Had to. Necessity.

Dan and I had to go to Creamery Pennsylvania a few weeks ago to take a test about milk testing. I got 2 wrong and Dan got 4 wrong. Sorry Dan. I would not have mentioned it, if you had not asked me to not torture you about it. I cannot mention nachos around you, so this had to be done. You know what I am talking about. Anywho, Creamery is everything you think it is. The Department of Agriculture is next to the 4H show grounds. There was a guy riding a tractor with no shirt on! Pinch me.

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