Monday, October 19, 2009

Crazy Weather, Crazy Kids and the PhilLEEs.

Can you believe this? All this rain is the worst! I love the Fall and it seems that we are not allowed to have one. We live in this old house (built when Abe Lincoln walked the earth) and it is like swiss cheese. Always cold, noisy and enjoyable when it is not too cold, not too hot. Fall! It is wonderful in the Fall!

This past week was a busy one. When the rain started, soccer was cancelled and I was forced inside all weekend. I decided to cook and cook. My youngest son turned 9 and my daughter fractured her arm at school on Friday while playing keep-away with a lime. Yup, definitely my daughter.

Being colder than usual, I am punching up the soups and this weekend was the perfect time to try some new soups. I made some delicious mushroom soup, a black bean and the classic onion soup, which took over 8 hours. I am about to head to the burners at CapoKitchen and start. Our cafes need more soup. I have heard you! It's cold, it's damp and we were cheated out of Fall! Let's make it worthwhile! We make our soups, like our gelato. By hand and with local ingredients. Local carrots, onions, potatoes, herbs..... Peasant hearty soups that warm your bones.

On a happier note, the PhilLEEs stomped on L.A. last night. The cold weather seems to affect some more than others. My newly 9 year old was only concerned with the hot dog blaster. They have this contraption that shoots hot dogs into the crowd. It is a complete mystery to him. "Do you get them hot? Does the speed crush them? Where do they put the mustard?" be 9.

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