Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pucker Up Cutie Pie!

My taste buds are a fan of the tart stuff. The serious stuff. I probably pop a bit of lemon or lime sorbetto into my mouth at least ten times a day. I just can’t get enough of the delicious, tart, citrus love-power.

‘But what’s wrong with plain ‘ol regular lemons?’ you ask. Nothing, my muffin cake, nothing. Meyer lemons are simply different. Special, if you will, and you know how we prize our special-ness.

Meyer lemons are native to China, and were brought here by a totally tubular dude named Frank Nicholas Meyer, in 1908. Meyer lemons are rounder than true lemons, and are thought to be a cross between a true lemon and a mandarin orange. If you put a true lemon next to a Meyer lemon, you’ll notice that the Meyer lemon (when fully ripe) has a slightly darker, almost orangey tint.

The Meyer lemon has a less acidic flavor and some say it’s a bit sweeter as well. The skin is edible and surprisingly fragrant, so it’s great for zests and garnishes and whatnot. The blossom of the Meyer lemon is absolutely gorgeous. Check out the picture above. Meyer lemon trees are often used as ornamentals because of their smaller size. Come to think of it, I want one.

These are seriously some of the most beautiful fruits I’ve seen, and certainly a favorite citrus. Not only do citrus flavors cleanse your palette, they are jussssst delicious. Meyer lemons are coming into season, so be sure to check our flavors in the morning, or peek at the tweets for the day to see if and where we’ve got it.

For anther out-of-this-world citrus, check out Buddha’s Hand, a crazy looking citrus that is more skin and pith than pulp. One of the coolest fruits I’ve ever seen. And you can soak it to make one awesome tasting vodka. Maybe we’ll experiment with some of these babies and bring you yet another mind-blowing delight ;)

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