Monday, October 19, 2009


We have all been there at the power point presentation. The office’s fluorescent lights are humming, flickering and taunting you. Suzan from accounting has been tapping her god-forsaken pen on the table for the last twenty-seven solid minutes… The room is too cold or too hot. The seat squeaks, furthermore, you have to resist the urge to make it squeak.’s your presentation. You have to torture them, it’s your duty - you must. So, why not be a hero.....  
Let Capogiro Cater! 
You know and trust us for our gelato, but did you know that we take the same care in everything that we do? We use the freshest ingredients, both local and seasonal, and we create delicious healthy breakfast and lunch!   
For Breakfast!
Are you able to run and bake fresh croissants, roast La Colombe coffee and make your own granola parfaits in a single bound? No, of course not.  We can though and then you can take all the credit. We won’t tell....  Besides, caffeine will keep them alert! .
1 gallon of La Colombe coffee
(serves  up to 8 people, depending on the addiction) $17
3 gallons of La Colombe coffee (serves up  to 24 people) $60
Pastries from Au Fournil (Le Bec Fin’s former baker)
Yogurt Parfait, Pequea Valley Yogurt, House made granola
with seasonal fruit. $5 Per person
Small, serves 6 to 10 people $35
Large, serves 16 to 20 people $65

Times are hard, but don’t ignore reason and eat unhealthy food.  We can put together a healthy, hearty lunch for every budget.   
Individually packed lunches that are ideal for large groups on the move
BASIC – panini, beverage, biscotti  $14.50
UPGRADE – panini, beverage, popcorn, biscotti $15.50
DELUXE – panini, beverage, popcorn, biscotti, gelato $18.00
And for when you have really punched them in the proverbial gut, they will forgive you if you give them gelato!  Works every time like a magical serum! 
We can supply pre-packed pints, pans of gelato and sorbetto OR we can send our inPHamous gelati cart fully stocked, with or without a conista (that’s a “gelato scooper” for you non-Italians)….

Give us a call for a list of prices and seasonal flavors.
Give us a call to save your meeting your power point presentation and your sanity.


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